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About Us

Uropractice is a sharing knowledge website, attempting to share Videos, Case Presentation, and Image Studies in the field of Urology. We specialize in hosting and sharing useful videos and images about advanced Urologic and Urolaparoscopic methods.

Uropractice is established in 2009, with the aims to earn the loyalty of students, researchers, healthcare professionals, educators and the urologists around the world.

Every honorable urologist is invited to upload useful contents on Uropractice, therefore there is always something new for visitors of Uropractice.

Updated several times a week with breaking technologies and methods discovered in urology and urolaparoscopy, Uropractice is a website you should often visit.

Subjects are integrated with videos and photographs, and are affiliated by the academic staff to provide a wealth of relevant information an reliability.

Thanks to a custom search function, visitors can do their own research using the site’s extensive archive of Videos, Case Presentation, and Image Studies.

Uropractice is best known for showcasing the top science videos from the world’s leading universities, hospitals, and research organizations. These videos are selected from among dozens of releases and other materials submitted to Uropractice every week, and then reviewed and edited (by specialists) to ensure high quality and relevance.

 Universities have come to rely on Uropractice to spread videos about their scientists’ findings, operation methods, and urolaparoscopic techniques to a wider audience. And through Uropractice’s email newsletters and RSS newsfeeds (offered freely to both commercial and non-commercial web sites as well as individuals), news, videos, case presentations, and image studies, are further amplified. is developed and technically supported by Thrita, an e-health provider company.

- Uropractice Team
Last update: 03 Aug, 2009